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Study Question is your online study buddy where you list your questions and answers or copy a given set of questions and answers and all are saved on our database and records are kept for you. Study Question keeps up with your progress, asks you questions you have trouble with more often and questions you know well, not as often. Study Question also lets you know when you have gotten every question correct. If you stop at any point in your review, Study Question saves your progress and allows you to pick up where you last left off.

You can add as many questions as you like to your profile. You can share your list of questions with your friends or your teacher can allow you to copy questions he or she has added to their account.

Your questions are organized by Subject and each Subject is organized into Topics. You can also add as many Subjects and Topics as you would like.

If you get an answer wrong, Study Question will set the difficulty of the question to 4, at which it will move it into the third place in the list of all of your questions in that particular Topic and the second and third questions will be moved to 1 and 2 respectively.. If you get the question correct after getting it wrong, the difficulty will change to 3. The next correct answer, it will be changed to 2 and so on until it gets to 0. At a difficulty of 4, the question will be moved into the 3rd spot. At a difficulty of 3 the question will be moved into the 5th spot. A difficulty of 2 moves it to the 10th spot and a difficulty of 1 to the 20th spot. If you get a question correct without ever getting it wrong, or if you get it correct 4 consecutive times after getting it wrong. Study Question will move the question to the very end of the list of questions.

If you get every question correct, Study Question will let you know. It will reset itself if you answer a question incorrectly, which means that you may have to get some questions correct more than once to be notified that you got them all correct.

Before adding any questions, you must first create a subject and topic to hold these questions. If you will be copying another users questions, you must create a subject first. You can use an existing subject you have created and the topic can be created as you copy the questions.



Tip 1: You can quiz yourself by not entering an answer, just answer to yourself, click the [Answer] button to check your mental answer then check the "Correct" check box before clicking the [Next Question] button. This could be very helpful when answers are long or you are not worried about spelling.

Tip 2: If you answer a question correct but do not want it counted as being correct, you can click the Return to [Subject] link without clicking the [Next Question] link. This will skip the rearranging process and allow you to return to the question process and answer the last question again and proceed how you wish.

Tip 3: Images can be used in your questions. For example, if you are studying the states of the United States. If you have a map of the U.S. and you have a state hilighted you can link to that images by using the <img> code. For more on that, visit this site to show you how to add images.

Tip 4: Study question could be used as a spelling test. Just use a blank in a sentence or the definition of a word. Your answer will be the word and Study Question will check the answer according to how it is spelled.

Tip 5: Do NOT hit any button nor link while the computer is rearranging your questions or coping questions from another user.. Doing so may cause your answers to be lost or damaged.

Tip 6: After answering a question, if you would like to know the difficulty of the answer before rearranging the questions, hover over the question and a popup caption will display the difficulty. If question is correct, any difficulty above "0" will be moved down 1 in difficulty. If the answer is marked as incorrect, the difficulty will be set at "4".  For deciding on a different outcome, see Tip 1 or Tip 2



How do I find my User ID?
Can I make a recommendation for this site?
Can I use an image with my question?
Are my answers case sensitive?
If I delete a question, can I retrieve it?


How do I find my User ID?
Click on "My Profile", the User ID is the first thing listed.

Can I make a recommendation for this site?
If you ever have a suggestion for Study Question, you can contact us by hitting the Suggestions link at the bottom of any page. We consider all suggestions but all suggestions are not guarantied to be used immediately, if at all.

Can I use an image with my question?
Yes. You can use images anywhere you would like. Standard html rules apply when adding an image. For more information on using images in your questions, see the tip about using images in our tips section.

Are my answers case sensitive?
Yes. If you have a saved answer of "tomorrow" and you answer "Tomorrow", you will be counted as giving a wrong answer. If this happens, you can check your answer as being correct. See the tip for this.

If I delete a question, can I retrieve it?
At this time, no. We are working on a resolution on this.



If you are a classroom teacher and would like for your students to use this site, there are many features you can use. First, sign up with an account using your school email address. (Any email address will work. Your students will know this email address)   Next, have each of your students sign up using your email address. You MUST be the first to sign up with this email address. Once your students have signed up, you will be able to keep track of how often they log in and when the last time the used each set of questions they have in their account.

Once you have an account, you can add study questions for your class and your students can copy these questions and use them for their practice.

If you would like for us to add your text book to our selection, please use the link below to contact us and let us know the publisher, book, grade, and anything else that would be helpful for us in adding your book.

We will be adding state curriculums with questions relevant to each standard. If you would like for your state to be added, use the contact link at the bottom of this page to let us know what state, grade level, and subject(s) you would like added first. Please provide a link to your state standards to be used.

Teachers, contact us about adding your text book to our list.






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