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About Study Question

Study Question is your online study buddy where you list your questions and answers or copy a given set of questions and answers and all are saved on our database and records are kept for you.

The way it works is you enter questions and answers and Study Question saves these questions for you and asks them back to you and keep record of how you do on each question. Study Question keeps up with your progress, asks you questions you have trouble with more often and questions you know well, not as often. Study Question also lets you know when you have gotten every question correct. If you stop at any point in your review, Study Question saves your progress and allows you to pick up where you last left off.

You can add as many questions as you like to your profile. You can share your list of questions with your friends or your teacher can allow you to copy questions he or she has added to their profile.

Your questions are organized by Subjects and each Subject is organized into Topics. You can also add as many Subjects and Topics as you would like.

If you ever have a suggestion for Study Question, you can contact us by hitting the Suggestions link at the bottom of any page. We consider all suggestions but all suggestions are not guarantied to be used immediately, if at all.


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